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SUNDAY: 11:00AM - 9:00PM


Twin Oast Brewing | Ohio Made Beer

We believe people deserve to enjoy and experience the best things in life. Mass production and industrialization have created products without purpose. Our beer is crafted with creativity and love -- brewed with inspiration from our location, feeding our Farm-to Fermenter mission.

Twin Oast Brewing is above all things, an experience. It is first and foremost about experiencing great beer, crafted by people obsessed with making unique flavors for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Customers will enjoy their brew in the middle of a beautiful 60-acre farm estate, featuring forested areas, stone fruit orchards, and home-grown produce. The brewery features a small menu year-round, offering meals that celebrate the seasons, and creative dishes that pair perfectly with our brews.


Our Craft Beer

The beers of Twin Oast mix traditional German offerings with a modern American sentiment. We don’t build our reputation on making the most hoppy IPA or the strongest stout; we brew beers with finesse and attention to detail. Whether it's a traditional Hefeweizen, an Apricot Blonde, a Cherry Vanilla IPA, or a Peppercorn Saison, we will only serve beer that meets our incredibly high standards of quality.

We believe that great craft beer isn't about extremes. We don't try to stand out by making the highest alcohol content, or the hoppiest IPA. Like a great chef, we use the best ingredients, creativity and love to craft beer we want to drink. We use traditional recipes with modern twists, creating flavors that other breweries cannot offer. We hold ourselves to such high standards that we refuse to serve mediocre beer.

As we grow, we plan to become Ohio's premiere fruit-based sour beer brewer. These brews can take years to complete and are unlike anything you'll find on tap at your local pub.

Quinstock Farms

There are few things in life as great as drinking a cold beer in the beauty of our 60-acre farm. We offer views unrivaled by any brewery in Ohio. Customers are able to drink beer by groves of fruit trees, natural caves, and an expansive landscape. More than anything else, we want our customers to relax, breathe in the beauty of the land, and enjoy a world-class craft beer.


In 2011, our family started this journey. Quintin and Donna Smith have been hard at work taking what was an abandoned wasteland of weeds, and restoring it to its agricultural roots. When they started, the only remnants of the old farm were 10 cherry trees. Since then, they have planted hundreds of trees, including peaches, apricots, cherries, apriums, and pluots.

We have landscaped the farm in a way that shows off its natural topography. Rolling hills, terraced fruit trees, and natural caves are just the beginning of what makes this farm so magnificent. We want to share it with you, while you enjoy a fresh beer!

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Events & Entertainment

Weddings and Private Events

We would love to share this special, 60-acre farm estate with you and your guests for a memorable event. Please feel free to contact us with your needs and we will do everything in our ability to accommodate you. We are not just a brewery, but an experience. As our guest, we will ensure that your event is beautiful, unique and most of!

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