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Quinstock Farm's Secret to a Great Tasting Beer | Twin Oast

There are few things in life as great as drinking a cold beer in the beauty of our 60-acre farm. We offer views unrivaled by any brewery in Ohio. Customers are able to drink beer by groves of fruit trees, natural caves, and an expansive landscape. More than anything else, we want our customers to relax, breathe in the beauty of the land, and enjoy a world-class craft beer.

Seven years ago, our family started this journey. Quintin and Donna Smith have been hard at work taking what was an abandoned wasteland of weeds and restoring it to its agricultural roots. When they started, the only remnants of the old farm were 10 cherry trees. Since then, they have planted hundreds of trees, including peaches, apricots, cherries, apriums, and pluots.

We have landscaped the farm in a way that shows off its natural topography. Rolling hills, terraced fruit trees, and natural caves are just the beginning of what makes this farm so magnificent. We want to share it with you, while you enjoy a fresh beer!

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