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Twin Oast Raises The Standard of Quality in Ohio Craft Beer

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The beers of Twin Oast mix traditional German offerings with a modern American sentiment. We don’t build our reputation on making the most hoppy IPA or the strongest stout; we brew beers with finesse and attention to detail. Whether it's a traditional Hefeweizen, an Apricot Blonde, a Cherry Vanilla IPA, or a Peppercorn Saison, we will only serve beer that meets our incredibly high standards of quality.

As we grow, we plan to become Ohio's premiere fruit-based sour beer brewer. These brews can take years to complete and are unlike anything you'll find on tap at your local pub.

Our seasonal offerings will be dictated by two things: the weather, and the crops. Summer brews will focus on tree-ripened fruit and will be made lighter to accommodate the season. The fall will bring out a traditionally brewed Oktoberfest and beers that are perfect to sip on as you watch the leaves turn. Our winter brews will keep you warm but will also be inviting even to a light-beer drinker. In the spring, budding fruit will be accompanied by crisp, hoppy ales and traditional German lagers.

We've partnered with Rivalry Brews so that you can order Twin Oast brews right to your door! Right now Rivalry Brews has the ability to ship to Pennsylvania, Ohio, D.C., and West Virginia. A portion of their proceeds go toward cleaning up the Great Lakes. Check them out here!

You can also find our beer at several locations throughout the Buckeye state. Click here to find a retailer near you.

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