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Twin Oast Wins TWO MEDALS at U.S. Open Beer Championships

Ship Burner (Porter) took home a gold medal while Kellys Island (Pilsner) won silver at the 2021 championships. This was the second consecutive year Twin Oast has taken home medals from what many consider to be one of the biggest beer competitions in the country. This was the biggest U.S. Open in the competitions history with nearly 8,000 entries.


ABV 4.5%, IBU: 25

Our Brewer’s most anticipated beer has been saved for Lake Erie’s best-kept secret -- Kelleys Island. This Pilsner is brewed with patience and fermented at low temperatures lending a clean, smooth finish.

Pairing notes: White cheddar cheese, salmon, bratwurst, lemon shortbread

Serving temp: 38-45F

Glassware: Pilsner Glass


ABV 5.1%, IBU: 31“Burning the Ships” is a way of life. It favors the bold -- those with guts and gumption. Ship Burner is a Brown Porter with audacity, displaying flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, daring you to face your next adventure with no plan for escape.

Specialty Ingredients: Chocolate Malt, Crystal Malts

Hops: UK Fuggle

Pairing notes: Tislet or Gruyere cheeses, smoked foods, barbecue, blackened seafood, peanut butter cookies

Serving temp: 45-55F

Glassware: Nonic Pint Glass

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