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Which Twin Oast Brew Goes Best With Your Twin Oast Meal?

Have you wondered which of your favorite Twin Oast beers goes best with your favorite Twin Oast meal? We have the answers for you below!

We recently sat down with Twin Oast owner, Cory Smith, to discuss the science of pairing brews and food. We ran through a few of your favorite Twin Oast menu items and asked the age old question, What Twin Oast Brew Goes Best with...

Peel N Eat Shrimp? "Summer Gose By (with Avo/Char). Salinity in beer matches seafood really well. Lime flavor from coriander also is a seafood pleaser."

Quinstock Salad? "Vivod. Apricot Vinaigrette on the salad uses some Vivod in the recipe. Also, the tartness is a great contrast to the sweet fruit and salty feta."

Twin Oast Burger? "Ship Burner. Two words, Maillard Reaction! Caramelization from the crust of the smashburgers, along with caramelized onions and pretzel bun go great with a roasty porter."

Sriracha Za? "Legitimate Swells. Spice and IPAs go well together because they balance each other out. Hops distract the heat, heat flushes out the hoppiness."

Pretzel? "Oasteweizen. Bavarian pretzels are made for Bavarian wheat beers, and vice versa."

Hummus Plate? "Bestest Brown. The nuttiness of the tahini matches the nuttiness of the brown. Browns really pair with anything and everything."

Walleye Sandwich? "Kelleys Island Pilsner. Light-bodied, refreshing beer to match the flaky light fish. Has enough of a noble hop character to cut through the haus tartar sauce."

Now it's your turn. Give these owner-backed combos a try and let us know your favorite pairing!

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