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RELEASE ALERT: Ice Shove Gives Patrons First Taste of Spring | Twin Oast

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

That groundhog in Pennsylvania may have seen his shadow for six more weeks of winter but Twin Oast has other plans. The recent release of their Belgian White IPA signals the breaking of Winter and arrival of Spring. Brewed with apples and rosemary from Quinstock Farms, Ice Shove provides its drinkers with a crisp, refreshing flavor in each sip.

"Ice shove is our favorite farm-to-fermenter IPA," said Twin Oast owner Cory Smith. "We used as much rosemary and as many apples as we could from our farm, and supplemented the rest with another local company -- Quarry Hill Orchards. The spicy and earthy flavors of the Belgian yeast compliment the rosemary and the sweetness of the apples perfectly. While this is still an IPA, the hops play a supporting roll letting the farm flavors shine"

ICE SHOVE - Rosemary and Apple Belgian White IPA

ABV 6.2%, IBU: 75

Specialty Ingredients: Rosemary and apples from Quinstock Farms

Pairing notes: Camembert cheese, roasted chicken, salmon, salads, fruit-based desserts

Serving temp: 38-45F

Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Come get your first taste of Spring at Twin Oast today!

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