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Why Clevelanders in Search of Outdoor Hot Spots Should Visit Twin Oast

Updated: May 17, 2021 recently ranked their favorite patio's in the Cleveland Area with Hofbrauhaus & Alley Cat Oyster Bar leading the way... but they may have left one out!

As our weather here in the Buckeye State begins to break towards Summer, restaurants and craft breweries all across Ohio are planning for a return to normalcy amid the waining days of the pandemic. A major part of that normalcy will be the return to what most business have had to solely operate on, which is outdoor service. It is an exciting time for business owners and patrons alike as they begin to emerge from their homes for a fun time out to support local shops and restaurants once again.

Customers are itching for any opportunity to enjoy life and hang with friends and family again, safely, and the science has determined the best was to do so is outdoor service. Cleveland Traveler recently released their favorite Cleveland Patios to visit, making it easy for Clevelanders to navigate their summer hot spots.

However, one notable omission from the list, most likely because it is not necessarily "in Cleveland" would be here at Twin Oast. Just an hour drive from the heart of Downtown Cleveland, we provide an oasis on their 60-acre farm-to-fermentation brewery just steps from the shores of Lake Erie. The expansive outdoor area allows guests to sprawl out and feel comfortable amongst a crowd. Twin Oast is known for its incredible outdoor patio, highlighted by the pair of Oasts towering above, and award-winning brews. We offer a wide variety of menu items as well including mouth-watering burgers and a jumbo Bavarian pretzel.

Twin Oast hosts several outdoor Festivals throughout the summer including Apricot Fest, coming up on July 10. We transform our sprawling brew farm into a concert venue and vendor market hosting over 20 different vendors and headlining acts from Nashville like Love & Theft. And of course, the release of our signature Apricatawba, a smooth, refreshing Apricot Ale. Check out more info here:

While we understand not including it on this particular list, Clevelanders should certainly know that this incredible outdoor-centric brewery is just a short drive away and worth the day trip to visit. It is sure to deliver an enjoyable experience you will want to visit again and again!

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